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By Bev,

We all have people that we give small gifts or tips too, these may be neighbors, the postperson, newspaper deliverer, friends I don’t get to see much, etc. I’m on a fixed income and I’m not going to gift the postman or anyone else $20 in cash or a gift card.

I used to do a lot of baking and candy making, make dry soup mixes packaged in canning jars, etc., but it seems that everyone I know is on a diet or can’t eat this or that. Scrapbooking pages were popular with the kids until I ran out of photos. They still are popular with the grandkids. I love home crafted, or home love, gifts. And generally, I like to keep these gifts less than $5.

I recycle bows and ribbons. And also the bags and boxes I get from others, and sometimes I buy them – usually from the Dollar Store for a $1, or 2 for a $1. Space is very limited in my home, so I try not to keep too much around that I don’t use all the time.

What I hit on this year, that came directly from my preparedness pantry, was putting little gifts of packaged drinks together. A couple of packets each of hot chocolate, apple cider, green tea and coffee singles are something everyone can enjoy. I actually have them set up by the door in case some surprises me with an unexpected gift then I have something to give them that looks like I expected them.

Personalizing them is very easy. Sometimes I decoupage a little saying like “Friendship is a Gift” in the top. Sometimes I just write a note specific for the intended. They are small enough gifts to make someone feel special, yet not feel obligated. And if they are home when I drop them off, we often share a cup from the box.

Do you have a tradition or gift giving idea you would like to share? Please email me at bcfossillady at gmail dot com

Happy Holidays!


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