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Here is a link to an Off Grid 6 Part Series where 4 families went together, bought land, each has total control over their own parcel and for the “common” land there is group decision making.

Yes, there is one couple who are the leaders and making their living off the land with a CSA, wood fired pizza grill and grants for arts in the loft of the barn. One living a sustainable lifestyle but working off the place, and 2 who just come and camp.

I also did some research on another intentional community and share that.

Off Grid The Start of an Adventure

Off Grid Going on a Tour 

Off Grid Masonry Heater 

Off Grid Water & Waste  

Off Grid Gardens & Greenhouse

 Off Grid Making a Living


Off Grid Trailer – Pretty Cool!

 Living a Nomadic Lifestyle – Off Grid I found this article and the lead picture rather thought provoking, perhaps you will too.

Interested in Off Grid and are a visual learner? Go HERE and type in off grid or almost anything else you want to learn about!

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