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I was happy to see that you have launched the new Seasoned Preppers Website. This is a first as far as I know.


I am qualified to make some comments as I am soon to be 73 and my wife is one year my junior. Fortunately both my wife and I are relatively healthy although my wife does have some pain issues that we have tried to plan for when the SHTF.


Although I am a little weary of all the gloom and doom predictions I do feel that a total financial collapse could happen anytime. There is one salient point that seems to be missing when trying to convince people that being prepared is a good thing and that it makes perfect sense. In case they haven’t noticed inflation is on an upward spiral especially in fuel and groceries. Most anything you buy today will cost more tomorrow so why not stock up today and save the money. Example, three jars of Mayonnaise last year cost $8.00. This year the same mayonnaise cost is $16.00. Most mayonnaise can sit on the shelf for well over a year (in a controlled environment). I don’t know about most folks but we use more than three jars per year.


When we can go to Big Lots and get name brand stewed tomatoes for 50¢ a can we buy a dozen cans. This ain’t rocket science. Thanks to my wife, taking advantage of a two for one sale, coupons and special buys we have managed to accumulate a considerable larder. This may not qualify as survival food but why would anyone pay $4.50 for a bag of Lays reduced fat potato chips when you can get them for $2.25 a bag on a two for one sale. I have bags of chips that expired in December that when opened are as fresh as the day they were placed in the bag. To supplement our canned food we have purchased long-term storage food and we have an electric/hand-operated wheat grinder, my wife knows how to use it too. We store water in used grape juice bottles, toilet paper, coffee/tea, pain relievers, wipes and soap etc. We also can some things from the garden.


At my age I cannot run a marathon but I can fire a weapon, and will without hesitation, should that ever become necessary to protect my family or property. Based on the above assumption that we will most likely live to see a threatening period, I did purchase a Glock 19 handgun, a Mini-14 with an excellent scope and I already owned a pump 12-gage shotgun. I have several hundred rounds for each weapon. If I cannot fend off intruders with several hundred rounds, 10,000 rounds will not do me any good. We keep some cash at home and we own a little gold and silver. However, food and clean water will be the most valuable items to have on hand.


One huge advantage we have is that my wife is a retired nurse practitioner. Besides having the medical knowledge she has assembled a first aid/trauma kit that might be a lifesaver during any emergency.


I will never be interested in night vision equipment, acquiring the knowledge on the applications of Thermite, or traveling to a bug-out location. This is where we live and here we will die if it ever comes to that. I have learned many interesting and helpful things on yours and other survival oriented Websites and feel that I still have lots to learn. We are, however, much better prepared for challenging times than most anyone we know. We sleep better at night knowing when the lights go out we can breakout the little propane burner, build a fire in the stove and light the oil lamps. I sure am going to miss fresh milk, bananas and a hot shower.


Bunker Billy

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