Knives for Disaster Use

Knives for Disaster Use


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My grandfather gave me my first knife and sharpening stone when I was seven (7) years old. It was a small folding blade pocket knife. He told me that one sure thing of owning a knife is that I would get cut. He also told me, if I kept my knife sharp, I would not have as many accidents as I would with a dull knife. He was right on both accounts. My mother had a fit.

I am now sixty-three years young. Ever since my grandfather gave me that little knife, I have always carried some sort of a knife on my person every day. I now own many folding lock blade and sheath knives.

I have learned over the years, a non-lock blade knife is very dangerous. I have stopped carrying them because the blade can fold back on your fingers while using them and cut you. I learned that lesson the hard way. Being cut by your own knife during a disaster is NOT something you need to happen. During a disaster, any medical services are usually overwhelmed or nonexistent.

I have always lived in metro New Orleans. I have weathered all of the hurricanes that have hit southeast Louisiana, including Katrina.

The day before Katrina hit, I decided to upgrade from a small folding lock blade pocket knife that I normally carry and go to a larger sheath knife. I have a Randall, RAT 7,sheath knife that I use when I go in the woods and camping. I found out quickly that a large sheath knife was NOT the knife I wanted to use because every time I sat down in a chair, the knife punched me in the ribs.

I then tried a large folding lock blade, a “Buck”, model 110, knife in a belt sheath. This knife worked well but I soon found out that it was just a knife. There were a lot of jobs that I had to stop and get just a screw driver or a pair of pliers in order to complete.

I then remembered that I had a “Leatherman”, “Wave”, multi tool in my knife box. I took the Buck knife off and put on the “Leatherman”. It worked great! I used that multi tool numerous times in the days after Hurricane Katrina.

There are many companies that make good multi tools, “Gerber”, “S.O.G.”, “Leatherman” and Victorinox to name a few. There are also as many companies that make junk. Just remember, you get what you pay for. The last thing you need is anything that you use during and after a disaster to fail and possibly injure yourself.

I have been told that the military is now issuing multi tools to the troops when they go through survival training because they have more uses that just a knife.

Hollow handle, fixed blade, survival knives are NOT a viable option. They are normally weak and break at the point where the knife blade attaches to the hollow handle.

Be sure that you check with your local law enforcement before carrying any knife concealed or openly. The laws change drastically from state to state and from county to county.

Also remember, if Martial Law is declared in your area, the laws as you know them are suspended. You then need to check with the governing authority to find out what is allowed and not allowed.





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