Kid’s should…….

From Rourke: Great idea’s and info on knowledge and skills that we need to make sure kids and grandkids know.

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by MsKYprepper


Kids should

  • know and understand the Constitution, Bill of Rights and pledge of allegiance.  It’s important for them to know what’s at stake.
  • Know critical thinking skills – it’s OK to question authority, it’s OK not to go with the crowd
  • be included in drills – home fire drills and other area appropriate emergency scenarios (hurricane, tornado, etc).
  • understand certain key commands – HIDE and other such words that parents use during an emergency and kids follow without hesitation and without question.
  • learn and understand guns – depending on what is age appropriate, maybe they need to know not to touch.  As they get older, they can go with mom to the range and clean the firearm after mom’s practice.  Then when age appropriate, they should learn to shoot.
  • know the “safe places” in their life, so they know where to go and where to meet up with other family members if separated.
  • know how to use a cell phone including speed dial for family phone numbers.
  • know about fire, how to make it, how to respect it, how to leave it after the fun is over.
  • Be trained in Red Cross basic first aid and CPR – make it a family activity to do once a year
  • Be able to walk 3 miles, jog ½ mile, lift 50 lbs and other basic PT if they are school age – make it an annual family activity
  • Be required to watch mom and dad even if they are not old enough to participate in all activities
  • Be required to donate at least 1 weekend per month to family activities.


Even if kids attend public school, there is still much for parents and grand parents to teach.  The important thing is to make it fun and make it a whole family activity whenever possible.  Don’t scare your children.  Don’t fill them words that if they repeat in school will have the sheriff knocking on your door.  Enroll them into Scouting.  Encourage their adventure outdoor sports.


And don’t forget their mental preparedness.  Your children should be emotionally strong, resilient and compassionate toward others.  Any activity that heightens their self esteem and confidence will make them better prepared to mentally handle changes and struggles in life.  Don’t allow the to be victims.


That’s my 2 cents worth


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