Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans!

By Bev Sandlin, Master Gardener Fillmore County, MN

These photos were take on 8.2.14 in my garden. I am a true lover of Kentucky Wonder pole beans, I’ve been planting them for the last 30 years. They are a non-GMO bean so you can save your seeds. Wonderful for green bean teepees for the kids. I always inter-plant them with Morning Glories for a truly stunning arbor vine, but this year the Morning Glories didn’t do so well. I thought this might give you some ideas on where to plant pole beans in your garden!

green beans on arbor

This is the main entrance to my garden. The beans on the right are planted in the ground. On the left, they are planted in pots with Borage.

green beans in pots

Here is a closeup on that arbor.

green beans cu

I just leaned some old sheep fence up against one of my garden sheds and planted 3 beans at the base.

green beans over garden shed

beans on wood arbor

I’m not super happy with this curly willow arbor yet, but the beans are growing up it!

August 3 sisters

Here is one of my Three Sisters gardens with corn, pole beans and squash. The beans lock nitrogen into the soil so the beds can remain in the same place every year.

bee on bean flower

And here is the flower of the green bean with a bee pollinating it. FYI, this photo was just featured on our local KTTC TV station garden gallery. :)

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