It’s September 11th – and we are not living in a safe world

September 11th, 2001 was a day that many of us will never forget. Unfortunately  I believe the vast majority of American’s in fact have forgotten – or maybe “dismissed” would be a better word. The horrible images of planes crashing in buildings, and hearing of the planes in Pennsylvania and the Pentagon provided thoughts that just shouldn’t be there while trying to go to sleep. For days afterwards the sky was filled with….nothing but air, clouds, and birds. It was a horrible tragedy brought on by unspeakable evil and those involved deserved everything they received. We all need to say a prayer for the for the victims and families of 9/11.



Although we need not forget September 11th it is difficult to focus on the past when the present presents so many challenges and it can be scary. All over the news we hear about political unrest, divisiveness, corruption, militarization of law enforcement, illegal immigration. We hear of our Constitutional Rights being trampled on and threats from overseas against America with promises that one day we will remember another day – due to some terrible successful terrorist attack from the likes of ISIS. There is unspeakable evil in this world doing unspeakable things to man, women….and even child. I have only lived on this planet for 44 years so it may be easier for me to say this- but “I have never seen times like these and evil like what threatens us today.” No doubt those that lived during World Wars would tell me the evil today is no more worse than back then – just easier to spot due to “modern” technology.

Bear with me……I am going somewhere with this.

I struggle daily. I struggle to make sense of it all and although I know I will never totally understand I keep trying. I have come to realize something though and maybe you can identify with me:

“There is not really anything I can do about it.”

That’s right. The political corruption is ongoing. Government continues to overspend and set us on a course for economic collapse. The Constitution is becoming irrelevant. There really is not much we can do to fix it I hate to say. Not that I won’t try – but reality is sinking in at least for me that it is just too late.

So – it’s Patriot Day – September 11th and the world is going to Hell. What do we do? Here is what I am doing – I live my life. I enjoy spending time with my family. I enjoy spending time in the wonderful nature that surrounds us all. I work to bring my heart closer to God.  I am trying to live my life not overly worrying about what the future holds BUT preparing for it nonetheless.

I work my job and go to my sons football games. I go workout, try to eat right, and enjoy going to the movies. I go mountain bike riding, enjoy homemade waffles and can’t wait to see my youngest son play the trumpet(I played in school).

I am living my life and all the while prepare for possible dangerous times ahead. I store extra food and water, seeds, medical supplies, and firearms and ammunition. I prepare for the “what if” but live in the now as well.

Far too many people can get carried away with all the negativity that can be seen in the news and on TV. You are in control of you – so handle “you” the right way.

Let September 11th remind us of the evil that exists in the world – but also of the fragile and delicate life we all possess.

Take care all –







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