Is everything going to be just fine?

Watching the “lame-stream” media and checking out the mall parking lots it would be easy to assume that the economy is getting better…..and much better at that. More time spent flipping through channels on TV will lend to the opinion that the most important things going on in the world is what new electronic gizmo is being released, which celebrities are getting divorced, and what is everyone’s opinion of Kim Kardashians “bottom” this week.

Unless you are selective of your media sources the world can appear just hunky-dory. My opinion comes form many sources as well as a very strong “gut feeling” and to me the world is becoming a more dangerous place to live.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • The economy is one of my major concerns. There are signs of improvement however I believe in just a few years history will show we are actually going through a significant pause in a larger decline. I do not see it possible that the Federal Government can continue to run deficits larger and larger while the Federal Reserve prints money at an unprecedented rate. I also do not see in this election nor the next that ANYONE has the solutions – just more political rhetoric.
  • Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornado’s, winter storms as well as heat waves are an ever present threat.


  • War and terrorism is often scoffed at as being a serious threat by many people I talk to. It has been many years since 9-11 and they say the government is protecting us. You know – my thoughts are it is just a matter of time before some group gets “lucky” and pulls off another major attack.


  • Inflation is happening and it is constant and consistent. I pay close attention to prices at the grocery store and over the past few years the prices have really gone up quite a bit. Many people don’t notice because 10 cents and 25 cents here and there are not that noticeable. If the shopper really pays attention that will see more money and buying less.

These are just a few examples where prepping makes sense.

No reason to be scared and get stressed out. Just take responsibility and take some simple steps to be ready.


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