Instafire Review

I was sent several packets of Instafire to see what I thought of the product. The information said that it would even start and burn on snow, so I just had to try it. Below is a picture of the snow bank that was at the back of my house this spring Instafire burning away.

instafire with pouch

This is a granular product that says it will burn for 10 to 15 minutes so that you can catch your kindling on fire. My experience with it indicated less than 10 minutes, but plenty long enough to catch even damp kindling on fire.

instafire grains

It comes in both “single” packages (supposedly 4 starts per package) and buckets.

instafire package

instafire bucket


You definitely want to use a BBQ lighter as opposed to a cigarette lighter.

instafire bbq lighter

And I don’t know if I would want to burn it in my hand, but I guess someone did!

instafire in hand

All in all a good product. Having a few packages of this around to guarantee a fire would be a good preparedness plan.

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