Inspiring seasoned citizen…..

I played paintball this past weekend. Didn’t do to good. Oh well. I was one of the older players at 42 and I felt it this morning when I woke up. Although I exercise regularly doing Crossfit I was VERY sore.

Anyways – I met this one guy. I don’t know his name but through conversation he mentioned he was 66 years old. He had an awesome paintball gun – which is what we were talking about. I mentioned how sore I was and he said he understood. He talked about paintball and how he enjoyed coming out on the weekends and playing with the younger folks. Mentioned he doesn’t run around like many of the other players but tried to be smarter.

He was great talking to my 13 year old about paintball, the guns, and the field we were at. 

So – what does this have to do with preparedness? Well -that’s up to you. He was inspiring as I often think about getting older and dread being limited in my activities. This guy was out there playing against teenagers and enjoying….and I bet winning once in a while.

Hope to run into him again.


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