Inexpensive Survival Knife

By Bev Sandlin

I was in the checkout line at Alco and noticed this Rocky Mountain Survival Knife which came with a fire starter for $9.99. I’ve been wanting to play with one of those fire starters for a while, but they usually cost $4.95 plus shipping. This knife (with cutting and sawing edge and a handy beer bottle cap opener – which works) came with a with compass, whet stone, survival whistle, hollow handle with fishing hooks, sinkers and line, safety pin, bandage, matches, needle (two of those round keychain thingys that weren’t mentioned on the package) & a  fire starting rod for $9.99 – I bought it.

Rocky Mountain Knife

Now this is not a heavy duty good knife. I’m guessing that if you try prying or heavy duty sawing with it, it will break. But for an inexpensive knife for a Bug Out Bag or Get Home Bag for an old gal like me, this works.

I had zero success with the fire starter, but it did spark every time when I used the whet stone – but still couldn’t light a dry tissue after two minutes. Frustrated, I complained to Wyzyrd, who said…

“That looks like the standard issue Swedish/German Army firesteel :)   Take that cut-off piece of hacksaw blade and scrape some of the black coating off the steel and get “semi-shiny” metal.  (they’re at Sportsmansguide, too)   Don’t work worth a tinker’s damn until you scrape off the protective coatings. :) Filing the paint off the back of the hacksaw blade helps too :)  The back of the stainless knife blade WILL work, sometimes, but the hacksaw blade will throw better sparks.  :)  keep it on your keychain, if nothing else. :)”

I just shoved a Bic lighter in the pocket for the fire starter;  problem solved. :)

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