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Ooooppppppsssss…….I missed posting this on Friday. Sorry Suni and everyone!

 – Rourke


PJ TV                                 Allen West: We Need The Next Generation of Guardians   video


CNS                                    Republicans Ask Clinton to Answer Key Questions Left Unanswered on Benghazi


Political Outcast               Justice Scalia: The Constitution is Dead


Conservative Byte          Obama Calls For Citizenship For Illegals


Conservative Byte          NBC News Caught Using Deceptive Edit … Again

Clash Daily                       Ted Cruz to Rahm Emanuel- “Back off the gun makers and their banks.”                     Egypt Army Chief Warns State Could Collapse


Personal Liberty Digest   Obama Shuts Down Southern Defense Mechanism, Opens South To Attack


Breitbart   News               Sunstein: Obama Wants ‘Second Bill of Rights’


Video Series                      The Muslim Brotherhood   



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