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1)   Prison Planet Live       1/21/2013       Armed Citizens Make Good Government   Video


2) Freedom Outpost         1/21/2013       Was Benghazi An Obama Admin International Fast and Furious?  Be sure and listen to the interview with Sen. Rand Paul at the end of the article.


3) Minutemen News         1/22/2013       Santorum Lists President Obama’s Constitutional Violations


4) Political Outcast           1/22/2013       Communist Terrorist and Obama Confident to Speak at Annual Teacher’s Convention


5) Political Outcast           1/22/2013       Why “Mental Illness” is the Avenue to Gun Confiscation 


6) Clash Daily  1/22/2013    Severe and Worsening Gun and Ammunition Shortages Explained

7) The Daily Star              1/24/2013       US’ dangerous stance


8) CBN News   1/24/13    N. Korea Warns of Nuclear Test  Aimed at the US
9) Congress Gohmert      1/24/2013       Discussing sending Egypt F-16’s and Tanks You Tube Video


10) Senator Rand Paul    1/24/2013       Sen. Rand Paul on the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer discussing Benghazi You Tube Video


11) Huff Post    1/24/2013    Filibuster Reform: Senators Reportedly Close To Deal On Modest Limits


12) Clash Daily                 1/24/2013       Hobby Lobby — To the Mattresses!


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