Importance of oil……

Think about it – there are a lot of uses for different kinds of oil. Now imagine no stores open and no way of getting any. How does your supply look?

Not too good? Me neither.

I just came back from the store after picking up some Rem-Oil for some shooting I am doing tomorrow. I have several bottles of it along with many other brands, but for just a couple dollars I figured I would add to my supplies. It got me thinking though. How many of us keep a large amount of motor oil for our vehicles? I haven’t. How about bar oil for your chainsaw? Me neither. How about 2-cycle oil to mix with stored gasoline? I have a few bottles – but not enough.

I am going to start picking up a couple bottles of motor oil every week or two. Firearm oil – I still need to add a few bottles as well as a couple of spray cans. 

Black gold….Texas Tea……

Got oil?


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