I Don’t Understand!

by “The Coach” 

I am having a very BIG problem with this wave of being politically correct that is sweeping over our great country.

Why do I have to believe what other people believe because they think their way of thinking is the only idea and/or beliefs are the right ones?

I have always lived my life in the belief and practice that you believe anything you want to. Just let me believe what I want to. I will not try to convert you to my belief or ideas and you do not try to convert me to your belief or ideas. If we do this together, do we hurt anyone?

I believe that you should have the right to observe whatever holiday/s that your belief observes. I also believe that I should be left alone to observe whatever holiday I want to.

Should I be allowed to destroy or disrupt your holiday just because I do not believe what you do? Of course not! But there are some people that just cannot let everyone enjoy whatever holiday they want to observe.

I have never, NOT ONCE, tried to disrupt Honokaa, Ramadan or any other holiday that someone believes in. Why can’t people leave us to observe whatever holiday we want to?

I saw an article on Fox News this morning, 12/24/13. Children had sent handmade Merry Christmas cards to veterans that they did not know that are in the Veterans Hospitals. The Veterans Administration now opens all mail that is not specifically addressed to a person. If the enclosed letter or card has a reference to Christmas or any other religious holiday, they will NOT let the letter/card be delivered to our injured veterans. If you are a veteran, go back to the time that you were in the service, how much did you look forward to any mail that you received?

Why do I have to believe that being a homosexual is an ok thing if my religious belief says it is not? The last time I checked we were still living in the United States of America. I thought our founding fathers wrote in many documents that we could believe what we wanted to. Isn’t it the difference in ideas what makes our nation the greatest one in the whole world!

You believe in what you believe in and let me believe in what I believe in. It is called Freedom of Speech and the pursuit of happiness!

My religious beliefs mean as much to me as your beliefs mean to you!

When are we going to stand up against this political correctness and say, “Enough is enough!”?


[From Rourke: For more information on what is going on visit http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/12/24/Obama-VA-Bans-Christmas-Cards-from-Students-for-Troops ]

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