Horse Doctorin’ – Long Slice

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By Bev Sandlin,

I’ve found that horse doctorin’ works just as well on humans most of the time.

My mare came in this fall with a more than 12″ slice on her neck. It was a little more than skin deep and spread about 4″ wide. It was a bad slice. I did not even think about taking a picture at the time. The above picture is at least half healed after a week.

Well, having spent way too much money on vets through the years and knowing that they would stitch it and the stitches would rip out within hours and the whole affair would probably cost me about $800 and I would be left with a worse mess – because she would tear the skin from around the stitches too – I just decided to do the doctorin’ myself.

I sprayed it with Blue Kote from my Medical Backpack to help prevent infection and keep the flies away and then drove to Fleet Farm where I picked up two tetnus shots, a bottle of penicillin and a couple of tubes of All Purpose Grease, I have needles and syringes on hand all the time.

I don’t have a grease gun, so I just cut off the container, stuck a clean paint stir stick down in the tube and slabbed the slice with grease after I got back. Tetnus shot one and 10 cc’s of penicillin.

I lost a horse once to tetnus. The injury was almost healed and then she just died. The vet had forgotten to tell me to do another tetnus shot 10 days after he had given her one and fixed her up – but he gets paid anyway, right… So I marked it on the barn calendar and 10 days later she got another one.

This is a healthy horse and she doesn’t take kindly to shots. And penicillin, even if left to warm to room temperature, is never pleasant. And you have to twitch her to get any medicine in her mouth and there is just me to do the doctorin’. My vet has always told me 10 days of 10 cc’s of penicillin morning and night – 1 cc per 100 lbs. After 3 days she wasn’t going to stand for that, so I backed down to 5 cc’s in the evening. Now they have come out with a long acting penicillin that you can give for just 3 days, but Fleet Farm didn’t have that on hand.

 The mare was healed up just fine in 3 weeks, not even a scar or proud flesh.

This works on puncture wounds too. Her mother came out of the woods one time with a stick the size of a spear a foot deep in her chest. It was August and the height of fly season. The vet was plenty worried and sold me this, that and the other thing which all made it worse. Grease pumped into the wound with a grease gun is what finally healed it and kept the flies out. She healed up just fine. He was kind of confounded, but he got paid.


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