Homemade Blowpipe – Tip from Wyzyrd

Homemade Blowpipe Tip

By Wyzyrd, Editor-At-Large


Pick up a piece of 3/8″ aluminum tubing, some disposable bamboo chopsticks, a pencil sharpener and some cotton balls… an hour or so of using it as a blowpipe on a paper target will get her quite close to “hit a gnat in the butt” level, The spool give you a ‘trumpet’ mouthpiece, instead of putting the tube in your mouth like a soda straw.


The cotton ball wraps around the base of the chopstick (or a bamboo BBQ skewer works too, but not as well – not enough weight) so it fills up the tube, and your breath isn’t wasted. (a little CA glue on the shaft can help it hold on)


At “backyard” range, hits about as hard as a .177 pellet with 4 pumps from my Crosman. Have considered, but not yet tried, using an Xacto to put an x-split in the tip for ‘hollow point’ effect. About as noisy as quietly clearing your throat.


A blowpipe is literally, THE most ‘intuitive’ target-shooting tool ever. The longer the tube, the faster you get ridiculously accurate. I was not kidding when I said “an hour of practice”.  I have been a fan ever since my business partners and I would unwind after work by fastening 3×5 index cards to a soon-to-be-demolished wall at 200 feet using a 4ft piece of electrical conduit, some 20penny nails and masking tape as ‘filler’. If you can see reasonably well (*cleans my bifocals*)  and do not have serious breathing problems, works like a charm.


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