Hints and Tips

Just wanted to share with you a little tidbit on something I found several years ago that have helped keep me “upright” on ice.  I’m often very clumsy even at best, and on ice…well, let’s not even go there! I call them my “wires” (I have two pairs) and just slip them over my boots or shoes, and walk flat footed, feet slightly pigeon-toed, and I’ve not fallen since.  After winter season is over I just spray them lightly with a spray vegetable oil and it keeps them pliable and not rusted. 
So from WE2, wifey…Stay Upright!


“Take your big  kitchen knives and a metal file. Use the file to knock down the square back edge of the blade for 1 inch in front of the handle. Use 100, then 400 grit emery cloth to polish it to a smooth curve. Takes about 10 minutes. Your fingers will thank you.”  Hard to make that very much longer.

– Wyzyrd


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