Hints and Tips: Burpee as a gardening source. Non-GMO!!

How-to-Videos! Growing Calendar! Nutrition Guide!

By MsKYprepper, Editor-At-Large



I recently re-discovered Burpee after learning that they sell non-GMO’ed seeds and are not owned by Monsanto. Wow, what a wealth of growing tips at www.burpee.com.

  • Click on How-To-Videos. There are 77 videos featuring planning, planting, composting, extending the season and about all other garden topics.
  • Click on Growing Calendar to find your growing zone. Input your zip code to receive a list of sow and transplant dates for each plant.
  • Click on Nutrition Guide. This is list of plants according to their color – referring to their nutritional values. Plant crops from each color for a wide spectrum of nutrients.


Burpee Gardening

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