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Hey everyone. Sorry it has been so long since I have posted. You are always welcome over at ModernSurvivalOnline. It’s been busy.

Terrorism: I saw Arlene just mentioned something in a comment about the recent terrorist activity in the world. Just got me thinking a bit. I think for most all of us – 99.9% – we have nothing to worry about. I mean – the chances of any of us being directly impacted by a terrorist attack is extremely slim. Now – the chances of us being affected by governmental policies due to terrorism – well, that’s another story.

Take a look at what people have to go through to fly at times. Kids and senior citizens – even those in wheelchairs are subjected to getting “felt up” as part of preventive measures to keep flying safe. Numerous locations accessed by the public are now placing signs up stating that if you carry a concealed weapon you are not welcome in the establishment. Of course criminals will pay no attention to those signs.

There is evil in the world and it IS only a matter of time before more terrorist activity occurs in the United States. I do not believe it is something to be overly concerned about and the reality is there is not much we can personally do about it.

American Sniper: I just went and saw “American Sniper” at the movies. Incredible movie. I highly recommend it. Regardless of your opinion as to whether we should have been at war in Iraq or Afghanistan the troops should be supported. I was very impressed with the movie.

Books and Information: I am on a kick right now gathering and storing preparedness-related information. I have lots of books and documents stored on my Kindle.  I also have info stored on USB drives and of course numerous hardcopy books and printed information in binders.

Off Topic: How has everyone been doing? Anything important going on? Thoughts on current events? Questions to ask?

Take care all –



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