Hello all and “off topic”

Hi all – 

Hope everyone is doing well. I am sitting here watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead and listening to the ice fall outside. No – I didn’t get the snow I wanted but I feel like a little kid again with a little winter weather. Much of the north has been battered by snow – YARDS of snow. Unreal.



I have been enjoying my two husky’s. Not sure if I have shared the picture above or not. This was taken a few weeks ago during a hiking trip near a local river. I never thought I could grow so attached to a couple of dogs. I love these dogs – Jake and Bella – like they were my kids.


I experimented with dipping cotton make up remover disks in wax as fire starters. They work excellent. One improvement though would be to leave just a bit of cotton showing to make them easier to light. Super cheap and inexpensive. I like those combinations.

As usual I am into my guns. I have recently built an AR-15 and put a gun on layaway(Kel-Tec PMR30). I have plans to build an AR pistol and another carbine – or two. Why? Fun.

Also picked up a new bag and trying to build a new “Get Home Bag” to keep in my Jeep. 


Here is another picture of Jake. He is awesome and loves climbing rocks in my backyard!

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So – how is everyone doing? Anything to share?





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