Heat a Room on Pennies A Day

Nifty idea for a little room heater. And it does work!

It got above zero today, so I went out to the greenhouse and dug through my terra cotta pots. And I didn’t have a rectangular tin pan, so I grabbed a tin coffee can to play with. I think it would definitely work better with what he did as I didn’t have a good air flow between my pots, but here is what I created… You can tap the pictures to enlarge them.


Coffee can with lots of holes drilled into it for air.

Four tea lights – I got about 2 hours out of mine.

Two different sizes of pots.

I used a bolt with a couple of washers in the hole of the bottom pot.

top on off

First pot on with the bolt in it.

put together

Finished! And yes it put out heat. It took about a half hour to warm up. In a small room where you wanted maybe a 5 to 10 degree warm up, this would work.

Where I can see this being really handy is like Tony P said in the comments – warming up a bathroom before taking a shower.

Or, if you are trying to save money on your heating bills and have your thermostat set at 60 or 65, warming up a small room that you are working in, it would be handy.

Or, for all those days in the spring, summer and fall when you don’t want to turn on your furnace yet, but just need it a bit warmer until the sun comes up or you go to bed, this could be a wonderful little heater!

Or for a camper or a boat, like he is using it.

Or, if you are working outside in an unheated building and want something to warm your hands up, it would be excellent for that.

I do not think this would be very good to heat a car in an emergency. The WE2s comment on just the tin coffee can, some sand or kitty litter for weight, and candles would be a better idea. I think the pots would break if not brought to room temperature first.

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