Health, Healing and Prepping As We Age

Health, Healing and Prepping As We Age
by Harriet, Editor-at-Large


“I’m sorry, there isn’t much that can be done for you. Medicine can’t really offer you any hope of recovery although we can help you manage your symptoms.” 
A statement like that from your trusted doctor is enough to make one’s heart sink. It doesn’t really matter what the diagnosis is, all a patient wants is to make the pain and disability go away and to get physically better. “Please, there must be something. Some pill, something I can do…” “I’m sorry. I’ll try to make you as comfortable as I can.”
But does the doctor have to be right in my case? Even if medicine can’t help, what about those cases that do heal without medical help? What about miracles?
And what if TSHTF in a big way and medical care isn’t available at all or if we can’t afford it? Given, the ACA, health coverage, and Obamacare tax legislature is making coverage possible for a lot of those who couldn’t afford it before. As we get older many of us know we can’t do as much. We get tired more easily and go down with infections more easily, taking longer to recover than we used to. Many of us have chronic conditions and are on multiple medications. What if we have no access to, or cannot afford medicines?
Also is it true that we can’t have our arthritis, gut problems, sleep problems improve? Does the heart disease or cancer have to be terminal or even chronic? Medicine will usually suggest that conditions like these tend to be ongoing and talk about those few cases where recovery occurs as placebo effects and spontaneous remission as if these words actually explain something. I suggest they are just words to cover up ignorance of the process of healing.
It is my suggestion that if it is possible for one person to go into remission or recover then there is a physiological pathway for that to occur. It isn’t a miracle in the sense of God changing the rules of nature. It is a miracle that says there is a natural healing pathway that it may be possible to find. However, as we all know, miracles are few and far between and I would like to make a distinction between what is probable and what is possible. It may be possible for recovery to occur but it may not be probable given the current circumstances. Who we are, the environment we are in and our behaviours have lead to us getting the health problem in the first place and so to get a different result we are going to have to do something different. 
Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not into blaming people for being ill. Personally I hate what I call the “fault, guilt, blame, shame game.” It is bad enough being ill or suffering without people wanting to make you feel bad about it or feeling bad about it yourself. But… if we make the decision to take charge of our lives as much as we are able given our condition and resources then there just might be something we can do which makes a difference.
As preppers we are big on self responsibility. We want to continue to be productive members of our family and community, not a drain on resources that has to be supported continuously during terrible times. Our task is to explore what we can do which will make a difference to our overall health.
These are my starting points.


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