Have you prepped for visitors?

by Ecomum

I live in the UK on my own, with my daughter, her husband and their two children living nearby. As money is tight for them I prep for them as well as myself. Recently my brother moved to my town; there’s no way I would tell him about my preps as it would be akin to taking out an ad in the local paper. So now I prep for the six of us.

We’re about to have a family reunion making 23 people plus 3 dogs.  I’m not too worried that civilisation will collapse over that weekend, but, given the recent unusual weather patterns, it’s possible that we might all be snowed in or cut off by floods. From my preps I can feed us all for quite a while, but I realised that it’s all the other stuff that I don’t have enough of.

If the electricity goes off, then I assume it won’t be long before the pumps stop working and we lose water and gas.  Certainly our gas central heating won’t work without electricity to pump it. I have a wood burning stove as well as central heating, but not the space to store a large stock of fuel, and everyone would have to come to me to stay warm. The average house in the UK is smaller than in the US, and I have a smaller than average house – a Victorian terraced cottage. We wouldn’t all fit round the stove and would have to take it in turns being warm.

I have 4 hot water bottles, not enough. My daughter only has the microwave variety.  My camping stoves would not be able to cope with cooking for such a large number of people. My daughter has camping equipment and a barbecue; it would be difficult but we could probably manage.

I have half a dozen torches and 4 head torches; the children also have the type which need to be squeezed or wound up but they soon get fed up with doing that.  Although I have camping lanterns, we may need to save the fuel to cook for so many. I have plenty of candles and tealights but they may not be safe with so many children around.

I don’t have the room to store 2 gallons of water a day for so many people. I have a couple of dozen bottles of water and 5 rainwater butts, all currently full. I only have a small domestic water filter.

I have a garden shed where we could improvise a toilet if that became necessary, and plenty of toilet paper and wet wipes.

Many of the visitors will have come with just an overnight bag so I’ll have to try and come up with spare clothes.

So, my list of things to do before they come includes buying more wood, charcoal and camping gas; a couple more hot water bottles; lots of long life milk and crackers/crispbreads for if we can’t bake bread.  I need to bring down spares of toilet paper, etc, from the attic so it’s not too obvious if I need to go get some. I just want to appear as though I have a full pantry, not that I’m a prepper.

I’d love to hear what preps others make for large-scale family get-togethers, or if you have any suggestions for this ‘probably won’t happen but best to be prepared’ scenario.


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