Happy New Year – 2014!

HappyNew Year updatedBy Bev,

A new year is here and I was thinking about prepping resolutions. What did I accomplish last year and what do I want to accomplish this year to prepare. What worked and what didn’t? For me, it is good to look back and feel a sense of accomplishment and equally good to access where I want to go in the future.


In 2013 I finished putting up a year’s supply of long term storage foods – we wouldn’t eat great, but we would eat. I have at least 3 months of normal food on hand – but not enough canned meats. I feel like I am adequately, for me, prepared with guns and ammo. But I do need to add ammo as I need to keep practicing with the firearms I have available. I got my Concealed Carry Permit. Do I carry? No, but I can if I feel the need. I was part of a group that helped change the laws here where I can now legally have chickens. And I became a Master Gardener.

What do I want to accomplish this year? Hmmm…

A working knowledge of solar power, since John from Iowa gave me a push in that direction. :-D  Invest in a marine battery, play with the setup I do have to recharge batteries, phones and computers. And by the end of the year move to an inverter and expand my setup.

Reaccess my long term storage foods, add recipes and upgrade for taste – more spices!

Practice more with the firearms.

Work up and plant the row garden that I fenced off last year and killed the grass and weeds with tarps.

Put the door on the greenhouse that I put up and start plants in there for an early season as well as in the house. Wow, the seed catalogs have already started arriving!

Try the bucket potatoes again (I already invested in the buckets!) and raise them off the ground to see if that helps. But also plant two more rows than last year in the ground as we are short on potatoes already.

Get better at extending the season with my raised bed gardens with more intensive rotations.

Spend some time playing with my generator to see what it will and won’t run effectively.

Add a propane campstove to my preps and a larger tent.

With my new can rotators, I’d like to reorganize my pantry in the basement and although we don’t have earthquakes in Minnesota I would like to secure them to one of the poles. And in general reorganize my preps into more plastic containers.

I want to create more storage in my root cellar area, perhaps put in a wooden floor and two walls with some built-in bins.

I would like to get more fit and lose that 20-30 pounds I gained after the strokes. I have been walking regularly on the treadmill and can’t seem to budge the scale on a 1500 calorie per day diet. Plus I have noticed that thickening in the middle that comes with age, so I need to figure out something that works for me. I did try the paleo diet and actually gained weight, but that came off after I started eating bread, etc. again.

And I want to continue practicing the presence of God in my life. The meditation and prayer have really helped center me and I am significantly happier.

And how about YOU? Do you have prepping goals you would like to share? Or maybe give me some advice on mine?

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