Guest Post: Laughing in the Midst of the Storm

by “Miz Peaches ‘n I”


  • Have you heard these comments?
  • Why are you laughing, don’t you know this is serious?
  • Talking isn’t going to help anything;  just put up and do it!
  • Get over it, stop the crying.  Don’t you know we have work to do?

All are common responses to stress. Why did the phrase “saving for a rainy day” come into play?  Everyone knows it’s going to rain sometime, so get ready for it.  It may sprinkle, thunderstorm, hail, give spring rain, or bring a rainbow.  We just don’t know.

It’s the little things and building a savings account of smiles, laughter, warm or furry hugs that we make withdrawals from when needed that can bring resilience to our lives.  What’s resilience you say?  The ability to “roll with the punches”, or to “bounce back”  when life is stressful.  It’s what brings the relief with shared laughter, tears, and when alone to “pull back” and see the “whole picture” rather than only feeling the smart of a stubbed toe.

How can we bring this into our lives intentionally?  Practice.  Not an exciting word.  Most good things require practice if you want them ready to use at a moment’s notice.  We never will know when that moment’s notice will say, “Olly Olly Out N’Free, Ready or Not, Here I Come”

Gratitude Moments:

  • getting up, going to bed, meal time, answering a phone find something to be grateful for
  • jot them on a calendar, a journal, a social networking website anywhere you can look at them later

Social Network:

  • Friends, family whether local, distance, or online
  • Don’t forget the face to face, phonecalls, and snail mail, someday they may be easier that other means.
  • Reach out, don’t only wait to be reached towards  someone may be waiting for you.
  • A pet, a furry friend counts as well. Yes, I said that!  Unless a medical reason, consider it.  Emotional support animals are allowed in public housing with a medical professionals prescription or note.

Exercise:  What you say?  Move your body to help your feelings?

  • Outside!  Sunshine 15 minutes a day without sunscreen helps, just amble and enjoy the flowers.
  • Pets enjoy the air and sunshine too.  They ask to go out, and give you a reason to get out too!
  • Even mild exercise such as walking for 10-12 minutes, start with 1-2 if necessary, can bring benefits.
  • Invite a family member or a friend if there’s someone’s company you’d enjoy.
  • If caught inside due to weather or something else.  Put on music, walk thru your place, sweep, dust, mop to the beat, or do the house maintenance guys.

In conclusion, laughing in the rain, walking out in the sun, visiting with someone whether in person, letter, email, phone, or online are paramount to our overall health.  Next, it is up to each of us to take the time and make a decision to do it.

Me?  I may lose the way occasionally, and need to re-find it.  These habits hold me in good stead and good company most days.  It’s easier to re-find a path during a dark time, than to clear it for the first time in the dark.  Practice makes not perfect, but much easier to keep bouncing back! Keeping it simple and being resilient is pleasantly summarized in one of Louie Armstrong’s hits, Bare Necessities.



Finally, how? (How Now Brow Cow?  Smiling?)  A simple plan helps.  What, where, how often, with whom are parts of a plan.  Writing it down and telling someone helps us remember to do it.  Brave enough to ask someone to remind you?

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