Guest Post: How to Bag Yourself an Ex-Military Bargain

How to Bag Yourself an Ex-Military Bargain

 by H.T.


As the credit crunch continues and further defence cuts are being made, people with an eye for a military bargain are suddenly finding that they can pick up all sorts of military hardware. In fact, if you know where to look you can pick up anything from ex army surplus wrist watches, through to a Gazelle helicopter.


However, you can pick up some great ex military items that are not so contentious and bag yourself a real bargain.


Seek out Speciality Companies 

There are a variety of speciality companies who deal solely in ex-military stock. A simple Google search will pull up many such companies and you’ll be amazed at what’s on offer. In fact you could say that the craze of ex- military items for sale has certainly been fuelled by the internet. With online auctions dedicated specifically to military goods it’s no wonder business is booming.


What to Buy 

This really is the million dollar question, but when it comes to ex army surplus one of the best buys has to be a vehicle. Of course I’m not talking a hulking great tank, but rather an ex-staff car or even a Land Rover. Believe it or not most of the vehicles up for tender haven’t even been anywhere near a war zone and they are serviced more regularly than most other vehicles. What’s more, they’ve probably done less miles than you think. As a result, you can pay as little as a couple of thousand for say an Ex military Seat Toledo which is only a few years old. Land Rovers tend to range from the nearly new to the nearly knackered and can fetch somewhere between £1,000 and £5,500


Cold Weather Gear 

This time of year as the chill sets in it’s time to pick yourself up a cold weather bargain. Items such as wind proof fleeces, lined sleeping bags and dry sacks are always very popular. Contrary to popular belief the British army gets issued some of the best kit in the world and as a result it’s made to last. So chances are even though it may be ex-army surplus, you’ll be sure that you aren’t buying complete tat. What’s more the prices you pay are very reasonable too.



Finally, if all else fails, take a look on EBay. As the trend towards ex military gear is taking off, there’s a real wealth of people selling all kinds of military stock from clothing to equipment. If you’re patient enough you can bag yourself a real bargain. However as always it pays to do a little homework before you make your winning bid.


So there you have it. A wealth of places where given a little luck and of course the right timing you can bag yourself the bargain of the century. One of which you could be still using in many years to come.


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