Guest Post: Essentials For Camping In Cold Weather

Camping has been a favourite hobby for many people. Aside from it being a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors, it also is a way of bonding with family and friends, and a good form of exercise. It is also one of the outdoor activities that can make you feel closer to nature. People have always envisioned camping to be set in a clearing where you pitch your tent, with trees and probably a small stream nearby. But contrary to this, camping is not limited to any location – there are forests, coastlines, running hills, and vast countrysides all waiting to be explored.

Most campers enjoy going on treks and camping during fall or early into the winter season, where the cool climate and conditions offer relief. In this regard, there are a number of items a camper should always carry along when preparing to camp in cold weather. A few notable items are as follow:

  • Tent: Most cold conditions are brought about by the wind, and a good and rigid Coleman tent will ensure you won’t get cold because of the chilly drafts.
  • Jacket: A jacket is a no-brainer when deciding to go camping out in the cold. Depending on how cold you expect it to be, a bigger jacket with thicker linings, or even a parka, would serve you better. Also, waterproof jackets are better at conserving your body heat and double as a rain coat.
  • Sleeping Bags: Many people fail to observe that sleeping bags come in varieties that are better in the cold. Sleep is an important part of your camping trip as it affects your safety and awareness during the day, and keeping yourself warm at night helps ensure better sleep.
  • Blankets: Just like sleeping bags, it is very important to have thick and comfortable blankets when camping in cold weather. It will give you warmth while sleeping outdoors.

There are also a few tips to bear in mind on how to properly use these items:

  • Keep yourself warm and conserve heat. As it is obvious, a fire or any heating device inside the tent is out of the question, therefore you must rely on your camping gear to keep you warm.
  • Pitch your tent in a high, dry, and flat area. In case of rain, this will ensure that water does not pool around your tent and leave you shivering in the middle of the night.
  • Eating right, particularly stocking up on sugar and carbs are a perfect way of building energy and keeping warm in a camping trip in the cold. Have warm sugar tea when you wake up and before going to bed. Pasta is good as it stores heat well in your body.

Again, the key is to keep warm. With the right gear, and the proper know-how, camping can be very enjoyable and fulfilling. You have to carefully choose the quality of your camping gear. Having items is not enough, they must serve their purposes. Remember to prepare your things in advance so as to complete your camping checklist before hitting the road!



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