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Earthquake Survival for Elderly and Physically Challenged Individuals

by Kylie Elcano


When planning a survival strategy for catastrophic events like earthquakes, forgetting important matters is a “no-no.” For this reason, it would be best to take time to plan. Simply having survival kits during these times is not enough, it would be best to have an earthquake survival guide that includes evacuation plans and other safety protocols.


In addition to uncontrolled circumstances that may arise during earthquakes, elderly individuals have distinct needs that need to be met no matter what. Also, reduced movements and other limitations can make emergency situations difficult for them. These factors can be quite costly and may spell the difference between life and death.


There are a couple of important matters that should be prioritized to make sure that elderly individuals are taken care of during earthquakes. They are explained below.


Appropriate Medical Information

In the event of an earthquake and other natural disasters, individuals with specific medical requirements may be separated from their caregivers. When this happens, it is important to make other people well aware of their existing condition or conditions.


Accessories such as medical bracelets are essential since they can help strangers develop a clear understanding of what to administer in times of emergency. Another alternative is to give elderly individuals a written note that features the medical condition, drug prescriptions, medical history, and other essential details. [Note from Rourke: A laminated information sheet attached to a bed or refridgerator would be helpful]


Registering in special medical centres in one’s locality can help medical personnel pinpoint individuals that have exclusive needs.


Personal Disaster Plans

Carefully planning an earthquake survival guide can help elderly individuals have a sense of composure during earthquakes and other serious situations. This can also help reduce feelings of confusion and disorder. In addition to having concrete plans, possessing medical kits, back up batteries, as well as mobile medical devices can be beneficial in many ways.


The aforementioned commodities can be helpful when elderly individuals become dissociated from hospitals and other medical institutions for long periods. These precautionary measures together with government emergency strategies can help safeguard the safety and welfare of elderly individuals and other members of the population in the event of an earthquake.



Taking care of elderly individuals during earthquakes is a very serious matter that should not be neglected. Rather than relying on the healthcare system, family members should do their part and make concrete disaster plans that can help ensure the safety and welfare of their elderly loved ones. This is a relatively easy task that can be achieved with practical planning and implementation.



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