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Wyzyrd just sent in this Shopping Tip for! They are one of our affiliates and by clicking through our site a few pennies will come to SCP to help support the site without any extra cost to you!  just sent me new paper Military Surplus catalog this afternoon –  A lot on inexpensive cold weather gear on sale – examples:

  • Italian Army surplus (unused) version of “pre-Mickey Mouse mukluk” boots – $27
  • 60’x80′ Wool blankets – $32 for 4
  • 5 or 6 different Eastern European surplus wool officer’s greatcoats and trenchcoats  – between $18 and $45
  • Eight Swiss Army surplus cotton denim “work jackets” (similar to a BDU shirt) – $18
Generally, a good deal of fairly-cheap wool and gore-tex stuff they don’t always have in stock.


Thanks Wyzyrd –


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