Frugal Buy: Reconditioned Large Screen TVs

Harold, Editor-at-Large

Recently, since our tragic loss of our comfortable home in the middle of the winter with temps in the teens, three foot snowdrifts and both of us just two days out of the hospital, some of the sympathy has turned to envy, with the advent of moving into our new home last month… The topic continued with comments as to how I being below the poverty bracket could own my own property and also have new large flat screen tvs along with the other things we have. 

I responded with the fact that save for the tvs and the dishwasher that the appliances were salvaged from the residence and refurbished  along with other possessions that could be salvaged compliments of the insurance company.  Then they wanted to know how I could afford the tvs. 

I told them to observe friends, neighbors and themselves and every time they dined out, took in a movie, bought a case of beer or a carton of cigarettes to put a like amount of money wasted for such things in a jar on a tv stand and soon they would have enough to buy a refurbished tv like we had.  I explained that if they researched the various units for sale they too would find like I did that a certain brand only exhibited a capacitor failure in the power supply which is an inherent quality problem with a large range of flat screen tvs, monitors, etc that utilize that particular power supply and a capacitor replacement kit with American made capacitors was available on eBay for around ten to fifteen bucks.

In my case though I have reconditioned several lcd monitors, (a process of twenty minutes or so with the eBay kit) and in the case of the tvs, I bought refurbished units from Walmart wherein this problem was rectified and I still got the one year new warranty on my purchase with the available five year warranty for extra cost. 

Understand this is not an endorsement of either Walmart nor Vizio tvs, just what I found worked for me.  Several accepted the challenge back in March and three of them now have refurbished large screen tvs, one who attained his in three weeks time.  Just a lesson in practicality and frugalness well learned. 

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