From Truck Trailer To New Home

Bev’s Note: Inexpensive housing for a BOL, but these are also great for extra storage!

As the housing market begins to improve, the costs of buying a home for a young couple or a first-time homeowner may become too high for some. Those who are looking for a way to minimize the costs of a house, as well as become part of the green movement, can look into one of the newest phenomena in the industry — building entire homes out of old truck trailers.

Spare Parts

Architects constantly look for new building materials that they can use for a low-cost, eco-friendly project, like the sod roofs used to make houses that look like Hobbit dwellings. You can look through the tips and topics database from for examples of green housing and eco-news updates. In recent years, design architects have purchased truck trailers on the cheap in order to provide structure for new buildings. These trailers come cheap: hundreds of thousands of empty containers sit around on lots across America, waiting for a pickup that may never come. Architects like Alejandro D’Acosta and Turrent have used these old units as building blocks for construction, fueling a new design paradigm.

container home

Why Get A Container House?

Some homeowners purchase a container house just to stand out. For many more people, however, the decision to invest in these “trailer homes” is purely economic. According to Tommi Crow, the average cost to make two truck trailers into a home comes in at less than ten thousand dollars while offering more than 1100 square feet of space. These houses can be made out of shipping containers and oil tanks alike to provide a unique appearance for a new home.

Go Big, Then Go Home

Purchasing a container home can make sense for those who want to get the most dollar value out of a purchase. This does not mean, however, that these homes are necessarily small or drab. Quite the contrary, in fact. French architects CG Pont-Péan designed a two-container home that has an unmatched aesthetic, featuring a wood-clad container supporting a forest-green tiled container laid crosswise, creating a north-south and east-west dynamic in the house. If you are the do-it-yourself type and relish the chance to build a home with your own two hands, you can get tips and schematics for creating your own home from sites like Schematics are available for sale or for free from sites like,, and

The Final Word

Whether you want to be on the cutting edge of home design or whether you want to find a place to live for less than the down payment of many existing homes, the conversion of truck trailers into complete housing units may suit ambitious first-time buyers.


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