Freeze dried food…..right for you?

 For most of us “regular” people food storage consists mostly of canned food along with others such as rice, beans, powdered milk and potatoes. Frozen food also is thrown in the mix along with whatever is growing in the garden.

These foods are the mainstay of my food storage program however I have started adding freeze dried and dehydrated foods as well. Why? Well, freeze dried foods have some definite benefits. They store for a very long time – upwards of 25+ years. They are also lightweight as they contain no moisture. Freeze dried food can be transported easier than bulk canned goods. Preparation is relatively easy as water needs to be added, heated and that is it. Importantly is water is an integral part of the preparation compared to canned.

There are two categories of freeze dried food I am currently ordering  – breakfast and meats. I have been putting back Mountain House Scrambled Eggs with Bacon along with a variety of Mountain House meats.  I found that my food storage program was lacking in breakfast foods and meat. I cannot have chickens or other farm animals on my property.

Most of those I have tasted were decent to good. Mountain House is not the only producers of freeze dried foods. There are many out there and I have tried a few and found them pretty good.

So – have you tried any freeze dried foods or started storing them?


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