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by Wifey

Each of us knows the importance of staying fit, and as we age it’s becomes more important and yet harder to do.  After a recent surgery (Wifey here) that became VERY complicated I found myself nearly bed-fast for several weeks. I was astonished at how quickly our bodies can go from very active and strong to hardly able to walk across the house.  Both of us are usually quite active since we walk, hike, canoe, bicycle, motorcycle ride, snow shoe/walk, and dancing it has not been much of a problem until I found myself flat on my back and MrWE2 has found his shoulders screaming at him when he does carpentry work. 

I’ve always enjoyed zumba but finding the money, time and classes has always been prohibitive.  But…I found this simple youtube video where I can get my “zumba fix” in the privacy of my own living room, in my pj’s, jeans or ??? and when I have a just a few minutes.  I’m not able to do the complete video “yet” but I’ll get there :-)  I like not having to leave the privacy of my own home.  I’m a pretty disciplined person so I have never needed the company of other people to do what I think I need to do.  And if I miss a morning, I don’t feel like I’ve lost money! 

I’m hoping that my sharing this video I can encourage others to just do something to “stay fit”. 




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