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Definition of the United States Department of Defense military term

Force Multiplier

Definition: (DOD) A capability that, when added to and employed by a combat force, significantly increases the combat potential of that force and thus enhances the probability of successful mission accomplishment.

There can be many different types of force multipliers that can be utilized by the prepper. It is a good idea to use a force multiplier anytime you can. I have just installed one that will help my wife and me dramatically. We will be able to stay inside the safety of our home and view the entire exterior of our home and the perimeter of our property. Always take advantage of any force multiplier that you can.

I just purchased a brand new complete DVD video security system from the Sam’s Club web site for $399.00. This system came with eight (8) video cameras that have 100 foot night vision capability. This system even alerts you of movement that is happening in the cameras’ view. You can set this system up so that it records just when it detects movement or to record all the time. You can even view the video cameras when you are away from home on an internet connection.

This system cost *$399 after $200 Tech Savings*. It is a “Q-See 8 Channel 960H Security System with 1TB Hard Drive, 8 960H Cameras, and 100′ Night Vision”  system.

Original Price: $599

Savings: $200

The system comes complete with everything depicted below:

force multiplier

This system has the below capabilities:

•Real-Time 960H Resolution offering an image size of 960×480 on all channels

•Weatherproof High-Resolution cameras with up to 100 feet of night vision

•HDMI Port for High Resolution Viewing Options

•Free Apps for iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android and Windows Phone. PC and MAC compatible

•Connections for up to 8 Cameras

Everything you need but the electricity!

I have connected this video surveillance system into my normal house A.C. electricity and my emergency generator. This way if the electric grid goes down for any reason, my video surveillance system is still powered by my emergency generator.

By linking my video surveillance system into normal house A.C. current and our emergency generator

  1. Can view image both during normal times, during a disaster and post disaster when the electricity is out.

  2. Can view multiple areas around home in one place at the same time.

  3. Can view the images from inside my home in safety.

  4. View all four sides of home, rear yard, front yard and both vehicles in the driveway

Below are just a few other video surveillance systems that Sam’s Club online has. They also have a few other systems not depicted below. This is the BEST price that I could find on these types of video surveillance systems that have everything that you need, that I found.


Night Owl 16 Channel Security System with 1TB…

Item #: 203438


after $300 Tech Savings



Q-See 4 Channel Full D1 Security System with…

Item #: 345474


after $100 Tech Savings




Swann 8 Channel 720p HD Security System with 1TB…

Item #: 338351


after $200 Tech Savings






Q-See 8 Channel 960H Security System with 1TB…

Item #: 265515


after $200 Tech Savings


The above offers are valid 11/30/2013 through 1/31/2014 while supplies last.


I have just completed installing my video surveillance system and am totally satisfied with the images that the system produces.

If you have ever thought about getting a video surveillance, now is the time to buy it.



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