Food Storage Specials for Seasoned Citizen……

Two Sisters From the South announce our Seasoned Citizen special from GoFoods.

Not only do you have more to do than cook !! but because many seasoned citizens need an easy & most importantly, a nutritionally superior type of food to eat. GoFoods supplies it all, please see our Nutriversal Seal of Promise.


With GoFoods, you simply add water, cook for 10-15 mins. and enjoy some of the best tasting food ever. Grown children no longer need to worry about their parents being able to cook for themselves and eat properly. Economically, you can hardly eat cheaper. Don’t tell anyone, they’ll think your a gourmet cook.Special pricing and shipping options apply when you join our monthly shipment program. We do the shopping for you and it’s delivered to your door, every month on the date you choose. Stores long term , in a small space, and is ready when  you are. Super for emergencies too with a 10-25 yrs shelf life !!

Serve nutritional foods
Save money and put some away for emergencies
Share the food with others


For all the details click the pic below.







Brenda J. Nicholson
Personal Preparedness Consultant


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