Five Life Lessons Learned

Five Life Lessons Learned

by Bev Sandlin, Exectutive Editor


This was actually a challenge from Rourke! And I listed them and as I started to write they changed and morphed and grew and solidified in my poor little pea brain! And so, these truly are five of the greatest lessons I have learned in my life! Hopefully, not too late!

1. Set your goals high, and be thrilled if you accomplish half of them! I am really good for “Let’s build a house today!” In other words, impossible goals set at impossible speeds! But I did build a house and have it paid for in 4.5 years! I used to have daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, five year, ten year, and lifetime goals! All neatly written out to be crossed off when finished!

And I accomplished so much more when I did that, and had a good solid direction of where I was going and why. Why do I have a year’s worth of long term storage food? As “Life Assurance”! Why do I have more or less a year’s worth of pantry goods set back? To save money! But setting goals also can have its drawbacks, and so I learned…

2. You only have today, enjoy it! It is amazing the perspective you gain as you age! What was so all consuming important when you were young is almost laughable now! Think of all the time, energy and money we put into fashion, how we look, and being accepted when we were young! Or, the all consuming drive to make money and have… whatever, in mid-life!  Or, everything for the kids—and you become a shadow of yourself and don’t even know your partner anymore! Or, everything for your partner, and he leaves…

It is so easy to see someone else’s faults, isn’t it? I had a friend who lived one foot in the regrets of the past, one foot in fear of the future, and p—s—g all over today! But wasn’t my constant drive to accomplish goals on a piece of paper the same thing? And how many people go to their grave saying, “I wish I would have spent more time in the office, making money, had more guns, had more food stored…?” What about the sweetness of friendship and the people you love? What does it matter if you survive clutching onto your guns and food, and you have no one to share it with?  Which leads me too…

3.   Balance in all things! Oh, so easily said! I have an addictive personality! Unfortunately, whatever I am doing, I am giving it 110%! And I have the nicknames to prove it! Goat Lady–Way too many white Saanen goats to milk by hand!  Mustang Lady—And why should I be adopting and training wild horses, besides rehabbing domestics?! Chicken Lady—So, when the chickens are costing more to feed than the horses, you KNOW you have a problem! With a few more in between, my personal all time favorite, drumroll please… The Crazy Lady on 248, and everyone knows exactly who you are talking about! The multitude of animals, building your own house a piece at a time, and just being way too creative—I really don’t think it had anything to do with the teepee in the pasture or the wolf head painted on the side of the house… But I can build a house, hunt, butcher, raise my own food, live without electricity, running water or central heat! I learned to survive, and you don’t do that alone!

4.   Always play nice in the sandbox! Didn’t we learn that in kindergarten, or was that before when throwing sand at my brother got me a spanking, and when he threw it back at me I ended up in the ER with a scratched cornea—very painful! Maybe angry reactions are not the way to solve a difference of opinion? Perhaps sharing is a good thing? And “Please” and “Thank you” are not dirty words! And that in a situation WROL, perhaps the basics of civilized behavior are what may save us?!

Then there was the first sin! I stole a black plastic horse from another child’s sandbox and buried it in my own—never to be found again! Who knows, maybe Mom found it, gave it back to the kid and never mentioned it. But that fall from grace ate at me for over 20 years, until I decided to forgive myself and realize that I was just a little girl when it happened and it was not a mortal sin! And perhaps I was too hard on myself? And perhaps I was too hard on others? Which makes me think…

5.   Forgiveness of yourself and others is a Gift! You know, I am far from perfect! And at different times in my life I have been crazier than at other times—if I ever have been sane! LOL But what good does it do to beat yourself up—and I am very good at it, by the way! I can’t change anything I did in the past, so let go and make the present the best it can be! I also can’t change anything YOU did in the past, so, let go and let God and realize that I am not HIM!

And what is the one greatest thing I can do to prepare? Accept, Honor, and Worship my God in Heaven! Lay everything at his feet, “Plant the potatoes and pray for rain,” and Trust in Him!


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