Fitness and survival……….

Getting old sucks. Yeah, many of you are probably saying, “No kidding” or something a little more more colorful. From a physical perspective these last 6 years or so have been rough on me. I am only 43 – but numerous sports injuries have side-lined me at different times.

I grew up playing NO sports. I never really played basketball, football, baseball or any other sport like many other kids. I always found myself on the sidelines, being rather shy and too afraid that I would be embarrassed if I didn’t do well. I did get into bodybuilding at age 17 – which is a very individual sport. I enjoyed it through grade 11 and 12. After High School graduation laziness set in and my bodybuilding days went bye-bye.

Over 20 years have past since I graduated and I have gone through multiple levels of health and fitness. I have attempted to get physically fit doing many activities and currently find that Crossfit to be the best answer for ME. We are all individuals and have individual needs. Some people cannot lift heavy weights due to back problems. Some cannot run due to bad knees. Some people are in a wheel chair and others have their own specific limitations.

I am getting to my point – bare with me.

There are numerous workout programs out there that can help your chances of survival – as well as get healthy. From aerobic DVD’s to high intensity workouts such as P90X and Crossfit. There are local gyms packed with equipment and facilities to do all kinds of exercises such as weightlifting, tennis, racquetball – and running.  You know what else? There is the great outdoors as well! Go for a walk. Take a stroll around the neighborhood. Have steps in your house? Walk up and down them 10 extra times every single day. Whatever your physical limitations will allow you to do – do! Go for a bike ride. Get up out of a chair and then sit back down – 50 times.

The important thing is MOVE and do more today than you did yesterday.

Man, I didn’t even mention diet. Guess I’ll save that for another day.

Take care all –



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