By Gary Bertnick

All fears melt away,

The fear and anxiety of life
The fear of death,
That we might truly live out each day
At rest, at peace in this place, at this time.
As the morning sun lifts the dew.
A cloud of invisible vapor ascends,
So the truth of life rises within the spirit
Confidence soars far above
A calm rest settles as peace rules
The dust of the earth merely brushed off.
Light feet skip along each chosen path
Happy feet, dancing feet,
Whitest clouds in the sky above
Striking, multi-colored flowers on the ground below
Gold and silver embroidery on the robes of our delight
Flowing lines of grace displayed
Lovely footsteps always lovely. 
Beauty drips from the hills about
Healing at the very fingertips,
The world is seen through the eyes of heavenly light
Endless distractions filtered out
Noise in the background left in the background.
A focus on personal meaning and purpose establishes the way
They taste and see,
One greater holds the right hand
One most powerful shepherds behind and in front
Doors to hearts and lives fly open at a touch
Good purposes rule the day;
Laughter crowns the new hearts
Such gladness at being alive,
A small child’s eagerness bubbles over to parents,
Patience wraps about love
Understanding minds embrace one another,
A small gathering of like souls moves forward up a mountain
Strong confidence in this new day,
A way made clearly known.

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