End of Winter Sales Are Here!

The end of winter sales are in full force! I stopped at Tractor Supply today and SCORE! Flannel lined carpenter jeans (I’ve been looking for a pair at a reasonable price for a while now.) just $9.99! And I picked up 3 nice tops for just $6.99 apiece! Chicks and ducklings are in too! $1.95 for a single barred rock hen chick – you can’t beat that price!


Okay, I just hear you say, “Those are for you Bev?”

Yes, they are for me. Being a homesteader, I have always lived a fairly active, outdoor lifestyle. Way back in my 20’s when I was in the logging fields with my first husband, I took to buying men’s clothes. Why? They are made better than women’s clothes! Better material, more durable and often less money.

Add a little lace and you have the best of both worlds!  :-D

Here’s another little “Odd Bev” thing. I like to buy used, comfortable, floor length “dress up” dresses to just wear around the house as lounge wear.

“Huh?” You say…

I also started this way back in my 20’s. I never get to dress up and go out, but I like to feel feminine and beautiful. These used dresses often cost less than a pair of new PJs and make me feel and look good around the house. Yes, it can kind of stop the postman in his tracks when you answer the doorbell in a slinky evening dress at 8 am, but I feel good about myself.

So, yes I wear men’s clothes to live life, but I wear women’s clothes to enjoy life.



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