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Many times the electrical power goes out, sometimes during a disaster and sometimes for other reasons. During these times, we do not have interior lighting unless you have emergency power, such as a gasoline powered generator or large solar panels. If you are like me, you cannot afford those options.

I have tried candles to illuminate the inside of my home. The problem with them is that they burn down fast, are a fire hazard and give off very little light.

Kerosene hurricane lamps also fall into the above category and have the same problems.

I have tried battery operated flash lights also. However, the batteries burn out rather quickly. Batteries are hard to find after a disaster, if you can find an open store. If you must use a flashlight, use only the ones that use LEDs to produce the light. LEDs use a lot less power, so the batteries last a lot longer.

I have tried “Crank” flash lights. Every brand that I have ever used, the crank handle breaks. This leaves the flash light useless.

One day I was in “Harbor Freight” just looking around and I found a box marked “Solar Spotlight Set”. This particular one is model number 60562. Written on the box was, “Eight (8) hour run time on a six (6) hour charge”. The lights automatically come on in the dark and go off in the light. The light has three (3) LEDs to produce the light. It is charged by sun light using an included “Amorphous Silicon Solar Panel”. The solar panel mounts on the top of the light making one whole unit. The back of the light unscrews and reveals two (2) AA rechargeable batteries, included. These batteries can easily be replaced if the ones that comes with the light ever go bad. They come two (2) Solar Spotlights per box. The sticker stated, Normal Price $19.99, On Sale for $14.99.

If you read any magazines that have a “Harbor Freight” advertisement in it, look closely at it. You will find a 20% off coupon which you can use on ANY purchase, including the one mentioned above.

I purchased a box of the lights. When I got home, I took one of the solar lights out of the box and mounted it outside on my wooden fence to test it. (See photo) That has been over a year ago and the light still comes on every night. Surprisingly they give off more light than what I expected.

I have since purchased three (3) more boxes of the lights. I store them with my emergency supplies.

During the next prolonged power outage, I plan to place all of the lights in the sun to charge. Then, when night falls, take them inside and place them where I need light. The next morning when I get up, I plan on placing them back in the sun to recharge, while I go about doing whatever I need to do. Then repeat the process that night.

If you do not have a “Harbor Freight” store near you, they do have a web site you can order from.  “WWW.Harborfreight.Com

“Harbor Freight” has many Solar Power lighting options. They are located in several locations around the store. Ask one of the sales personnel to show you where they all are.



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