Do you watch “preparedness” movies?

I enjoy apocalyptic movies.

This does not mean that I hope for the world to end or I am overly obsesses with preparedness. Some people like comedies. Some like horror flicks. I like disaster movies.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Day After Tomorrow

Dante’s Peak

War of the Worlds





 One of the reason I like watching some of these movies is motivation. Yes – I know they are movies and not realistic. However when I watch these shows like Jericho I think about what preps would be needed to survive the situations presented in the movie.

Take one of my favorites – Signs. This is certainly a creepy movie. It is about an alien invasion. A father, son, and fathers brother end up getting stuck in a house while the aliens arrive. The movie is quite unlike any alien invasion movie I have every seen.  Anyways, while watching the movie I consider how I would react should little green men surround my house.

Hopefully they wouldn’t have ray guns.

Any favorite disaster type movies you like to watch?





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