Do you own a Kindle?

Do you own a Kindle? There is a good reason for asking. For those of us that own the Kindle book reader  – we love our Kindles. These little devices allow you to surf the Internet, readers many books, read magazines, send and receive emails, and even listen to music or watch a movie. There are also tons of free prepper ebooks available. I own a Kindle Fire and use it all the time.


Back to why I am asking if you own a Kindle. Well – frequently Amazon has books that are temporarily available for FREE – or close to it. Simply click “Purchase” and within a short time the book appears on your Kindle. I have been considering showcasing some of those FREE Kindle books related to preparedness  – but do not want to burden readers with something that no one would be interested in.

So – if you could take a moment to participate in this poll – I would appreciate it.



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