Disaster Ammo Acquisition


The Coach”

MYTH: I will buy a firearm of the same type and in the same caliber that the military uses, so during a disaster if I run short of ammo or a part of my firearm breaks, I will be able to get the ammo or spare parts I need from whatever branch of the military is in my area.


No branch of the U. S. Military will give away ammo or spare parts for ANY reason.

If you know someone currently in the U. S. military, ask them the procedures they go through to check out ammo to go to the range and practice shooting. Ask that military member if they could get you a box of ammo or a spare part for your firearms?

Why would the military give ammunition to someone who is:

  1. Not in the military

  2. Has NO idea who you are

    1. If you are a criminal or a good guy

    2. If you are going to sell or trade it

  3. If you might use that ammo against them

  4. And most of all, it is illegal!

If you think you might need ammo or spare parts for one of your firearms, buy it NOW. Do not count on obtaining it any other way.

If you go to the military or the police during a national emergency and/or the country being under Martial Law, in an attempt to obtain ammunition, you are more likely to be arrested for possession of a firearm and/or ammunition than receive help.

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