Detoxifying Your Body

Detoxifying Your Body

Note: This was originally a comment left in response to the post – Fitness: Nice to have or a necessity?  This was way too good to leave in the comments! Bev :-)

By Servanheart, Editor at Large


There are some very simple things one can do to reduce or even eliminate “inflammation” – the most important being, what you drink and what you eat. Drink lots of water every day – not citified (municipal) tap water with all the chemical neurotoxins, including fluoride (which is added and you pay for, by the way) and other peoples’ drugs, E. coli, etc., but clean, clear water – filter it yourself or buy bottled spring water (which can also contain many contaminants, so, be careful!). But drink more CLEAN water – flush out those vital organs, every day. Stay properly hydrated – every day.

Many health issues today are the result of dehydration, believe it, or not!

If nothing else, keep a “LifeStraw” on you, so you always drink clean water, wherever you may be. Don’t worry about looking silly, worry about being sick (or, avoiding it, in this case).

Get a good filter system; it doesn’t have to be expensive; a ceramic filter works well, but it’s very slow. Don’t think you’ll filter by the minute with one of these. A Big Berkey is expensive, and you’ll have to keep replacing the filters. A Sawyer might be a good choice. Those cheap things that attach to your faucet or have a pitcher? Don’t waste your money or your time.

Then get all of the artificial sweeteners (brain cell killers!) and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) out of your diet. Good luck with that last one (read labels).

Use Stevia in the Raw (green box) if you need a sugar sub; or grow your own Stevia (it’s a plant), dry the leaves, and use it to sweeten whatever.  Don’t use TruVia or PurVia – they’re both Stevia, but processed with ethanol!

My personal favorite sweetener is locally-produced RAW honey, which helps build immunities (pollens from your locale), and never goes bad. If it crystallizes, just heat it up and use it. It’s also an excellent medicinal, but, I’ll leave you to research this on your own. Again, RAW (unfiltered) honey. It’s dark amber – not “golden”. That’s how you know. Look for a beekeeper in your area who sells it; an internet search ( should do it.

This means  eliminating “ready to eat” foods, for the most part, particularly “off the shelf’. Watch foods out of the freezers, too; better still, don’t buy them and don’t eat them. Cook simple meals for yourself at home, even if you can only cook once or twice a week to eat from all week. Or eat raw fruits and veggies, if you can’t take the time to cook (once in a while).

Freeze your own meals – make not one casserole, but two; eat one for dinner; freeze the other. Mark and date it; “fast food” for a future meal.

Learn to can your own foods and know what goes in them – “fast food” you can live with! Pop a jar, heat it up, yum! I make large batches of soups, stews, beans, meats, veggies, etc., and can them up so I always have home-cooked “fast food” at the ready. If you work full-time outside the home, set aside one Saturday a month just for “food prep day’. Then go to worship on Sunday and thank our Heavenly Father for providing the food so that you would have something to prep! (Just throwing that in for good measure!)  :)

Start washing all fresh fruits and veggies before eating, including “organic” and getting the chemicals off; buy only organic citrus, if possible, because you can’t remove the toxins from these skins. Better still, grow your own; citrus will grow just about anywhere if it gets enough light and warmth, especially in a greenhouse or climate-controlled home (for colder climates); they make beautiful “house plants”.

Eat foods as close to “natural” as possible.

Eliminate all sodas. Maybe later you can have one on a rare occasion as a special treat, but it should be very rarely. (Side note: I actually had a stomach ulcer heal up when I stopped consuming my favorite drink, “Coca-Cola”!). The same Coca-Cola I use to soak and degrease and derust my cast iron when it needs it!

Reduce or eliminate refined sugar from the diet, a common cause of inflammation in the body, especially the joints.

If you make these simple changes to your diet, you’ll soon feel better, and probably feel like “moving” more! Now you’re ready. Go get some exercise – take a nice walk, even a short one; tomorrow, it will be longer, and the next day…and so on.

Yes, we ALL need exercise, if we don’t want to turn into a bowl of gelatinous muck, one that couldn’t whip it’s way out of a soggy paper bag. Can you say, “easy target”?

Baby steps. But get started today!


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