Decisions are sometimes hard to make….

Everyone – 

It is with a heavy heart that I have to make this announcement. is coming to an end. 

Bev has done a tremendous job and put forth so much effort into developing and growing this site. I could not have asked for more to have someone come on board and take the reigns with so much passion. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Many others have contributed to this site as well. All of the Contributing Editors donated not only their knowledge, opinions, and experience but their time as well. Thank you!

Of course the site would never have existed at all if it wasn’t for the thousands of visitors that came and interacted, and shared. No doubt that there is a core group that I would call the “SCP Family” that will be most effected by this decision and I feel terrible about that.

No doubt you are likely asking, “Why?” Time. Bev is involved in other projects and her own life and does not have the time she once did to put into it. As for myself – I do not either. The past couple weeks I have tried to keep things going and it became apparent rather quickly why Bev was so important to the site – and to me. Between my other websites, family, sports, and of course a full time job there leaves little time to write, schedule posts, correspond, site upkeep, etc. This decision did not come lightly and I have known for awhile that this is what needed to be done but just could not bear to type these words. 

Bev and I have quite a few posts in the que from now ’till the end of October – and I will leave the site up during this time and a while after that. 

Again – I appreciate everybody involved with this site. 


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