Creating a raised bed garden

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– Rourke


I recently made a second raised bed garden to add to my fruit and vegetable growing capabilities. Living in a typical suburban neighborhood my space is limited. In this particular case I built this raised bed for blueberry and blackberry plants.

Supplies ready.

To get this project done – I assembled all needed components in one area to begin construction. This raised bed is to measure 4′ foot wide by 8′ foot long and will sit 10″ inches high. I went to my local lumber yard and bought  2″ x 10″ x 8′ non-treated boards – three of them. Two of them will make up the longer sides while the other will be cut in half and make the shorter ends.

Blueberries ready for planting.

 I purchased some blueberry plants at SAM’s – hoping they survive the project.

All side boards are cut – ready to get screwed together.

My incredible wood-working skills at play…..I made a box!!

2×4 pieces screwed in corners for support.

 To provide great rigidity the 2″x4″ pieces are installed into each corner.


I added a variety of peat moss, composted cow manure and top soil to the raised bed – and planted the blueberries. I use rain water from my rain barrel to water the plants whenever possible. Also – to raise the acidity of the soil – I am going to mulch the bed with pine needles. Hopefully next year I will have fresh blueberries.

Raised beds provide some great advantages to your gardening efforts (more later in another post).

Take care all –


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