County Judge’s remarks on potential ‘civil war’ spread far and wide

This information has been reported on Fox News….not sure about anywhere else. Guess I am not the ony one thinking this way.

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County Judge’s remarks on potential ‘civil war’ spread far and wide

by Henry Ramos


County Judge Tom Head’s remarks on FOX 34 News @ Nine are stirring mixed reactions.

At Wednesday’s County Commissioner Meeting Head said, “my remarks yesterday, worst case scenario in my opinion, and how do you prepare for it,” he said. “Do I think those are going to happen, probably not.”

County Commissioner Gilbert Flores said,”I have better words to use, but it’s not appropriate for this court,” he said.”I am ashamed of what we are going through.” I don’t know Tom, I think you better plan to go fishing pretty soon.”

Flores also said, “I am ashamed at what he said. There are some words that were not taken out of context, he meant exactly what he meant.”

However, there were citizens who defended the Judge Head.

“Judge Head thank you, and God Bless,” one citizen said.

Marsha Rice said, “I think Judge Head had the right to speak his feelings, and if we abuse the right to publicly speak then we are losing the rights we have as American citizens.”

Attorney Rod Hobson, whose office is just down the street, decided to adorn the outside with the United Nations flags as a tweak at the judge.

“Well you can either laugh or you can cry,” he said. “When I saw the story I thought, once again, Lubbock is going to be the laughing stock of the entire nation. What is so sad he is our elected County Judge, who is in charge of a multi-million dollar budget. That is scary. It is like the lights on, but no one is home. There are certain situations where are off their reservations, I just think he is off his meds,” Hobson said.

Meanwhile, a variety of online news outlets and social media have picked up the story.

Dano47, in part had this say on FOX 34’s website: “I was surprised that Tom Head made this comment, but I cannot totally disagree with his fear for the worst.”

Glenmark wrote: “This makes me embarrassed to have been born in Lubbock. How did this nit-wit ever become a judge?”

FOX 34 reached out to Judge Head to comment on this story. However, an aide told us he will not talk to the media until another 24 or 48 hours.

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