Coronal Mass Ejections & Complacency

By Bev Sandlin

I was thinking about why we prepare… It is an uncertain world for those of us who have lived long enough to weather multiple recessions, job loss, wars, illness, death of loved ones, floods, fires, social unrest, the collapse of the superpower the U.S.S.R., and so forth.

I got to thinking of the Solar Storm of 1859, go to Wiki HERE: also known as the Carrington Event.

Do you realize that a massive coronal mass ejection from the sun comparable to the CME of 1859 just missed the earth in July of 2012? The one in 1859 fried the telegraph wires! Imagine what it would do to our current electronic infrastructure. The estimates to damage are in the $TRILLIONS$! But just imagine the human cost with possible grid failure of up to a year and a half by some estimates.
  Our society is so fragile with just in time inventory deliveries, our almost universal dependence on computer systems, and at least two generations now that think that all food comes from the grocery store – period.

diabetic drugs

And how about essential medications that so many of us need to stay alive? I’ve read estimates that 10-15% of the U.S. population would be dead within 30 days due to just the unavailability of essential medications – just think of diabetics alone!

I’m not into scare tactics with preparedness, but I know that I have become somewhat complacent in my preparations. Have you?


What are YOU preparing for?

Or Are You?


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