Core Cells Within an Extended Group

By: Methane Creator, Waco Preppers, 2-21-2014

Strength in numbers during chaos or disaster is key to survival.  We know we cannot protect our family or property 24/7 by ourselves.  We also know that if everyone in our extended Group were to arrive at a location, we would be hard pressed to house, feed, and manage such a large group.  By bonding with other members we form Core Cells within the main group. 

We strive to embody members with as many special skills as possible.  Our cell has MDs, Mechanics, Armorer, Nurses, Home Construction, Gardeners, Cooks, Electricians, Welder, and a couple of McGyvers.  All good skills that can be put to good use during a crisis.  We train together and still support the main group. 

Food preps take on a whole different meaning when we can all get together and do our food preparations and storage.  Processing time is reduced and easier than going it alone.  Buying in bulk and dry canning is easier and faster with help. 

Security of our “Castle” is easier the more able-bodied folks we have.  Depending on the site of the land, you need a minimum of 2 guards 24/7.

Think about food/water storage for your Cells.  Underground locked storage is best.  We use two separate locks to prevent any one member from accessing stored supplies.  Kind of like two-man control of nuclear weapons.  Storage is rotated monthly by members replacing what they take and adding additional items as needed.  We also store our rechargeable batteries and solar chargers for emergencies.

One of the hardest things is camouflaging and providing a secure storage area (s) for all our gear.  We built a storage shed over the entrance with a false floor.  Anyone opens the shed doors will just see a bunch of rusty old tools and yard equipment.  Still usable stuff, but not worth stealing.  We have some water storage, but plan to pull our bulk of the water from a nearby lake.

We have established a Code of Ethics that all members of the Cell have agreed to.  It also contains the rules for Leadership and Duties.  Rule breakers can be banished from the Group or worse.  We feel lucky that everyone seems to get along with each other very well.  Course the true test will be during a stressful Post-Disaster.

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